Top 5 Greatest Champagne Brands & Houses of 2019

There is a common saying that rest and relaxation will never be complete unless one has a book on one hand and a fine wine in another. While this probably could be substituted with a lot of things, expensive champagne brands have made their mark on human history because of their sophistication, various uses, and a whole lot of things that usually has something to do with elegance, class and royalty.

While in our modern world, anyone can easily buy the best wines in a common grocery store or a simple wine shop, it is safe to say that not all of the wines available in said wine shops can be categorized as a fine wine. Now, on the subject of fine wine, there are a lot of types of wine that can definitely leave an impression, but nothing says class and sophistication better than a champagne, and one known type of wine that has definitely left an impression is arguably the most famous sparkling wine of all – most commonly recognized as Champagne.

Before we go ahead and talk about the various champagne brands and their various differences, we should first step back and try to understand the beverage that is most commonly linked to the word “sparkling wine”. So what is champagne? As previously stated, champagne is most commonly associated by many with the term “sparkling wine”. Though there are many expensive champagne brands, champagne is the general term used for wine produced in the Champagne region in France.

History of Champagne

The earliest accounts of champagne can be traced back in the 5th century in France or possibly earlier. There is a popular belief that the legendary Dom Perignon actually invented champagne, but that is simply not the case. Original champagne was actually invented by the Benedictine monks in around 1531 in the confines of the Abbey of Saint Claire. The appeal of champagne is mainly due to the fact that it grew in popular use as part of the Eucharistic rites, mainly as part of the offering of the blood of Christ as part of the Holy Mass. But the celebration of the Eucharist was not the only known use of the famous wine – in early medieval French era, champagne is also acknowledged to be of popular use during coronation and anointing of royalty, this variation being used in the ceremony Reims. Champagne is also served during royal occasions, such as the aforementioned royal coronation and appointment.

Champagne is actually a product of a heated competition to produce the best wine. The residents of the region were awfully jealous of the quality of fine wine that the neighboring country of Burgundy has been producing. They set out to produce fine wines of such acclaim, but northerly climate of the region gave the wine makers from the region quite a few challenges in producing red wine. As a result of this, they were able to produce a wine with a completely different set of acidity levels and low sugar, not to mention a more light-bodied version, of the burgundy wine that they were trying to outdo. This process of making wine is the foundation of the champagne that we all know and love today.

As a footnote to the Champagne’s history, even though the great Dom Perignon did not invent the champagne that we all know and love, he did however was the man who introduced most of the production processes that actually improved the production of the wine. This includes the most common practice regarded as of this day that replaced the wine collar with a cork to better hold the fermentation process of the champagne.

What are the most popular and expensive champagne brands?

Popular Champagne BrandsNow that we know all about champagne, the various contributions in history and various other facts about champagne, it is time to discuss expensive champagne brands. Champagne is more than sparkling wine: it is considered one of the best wine type to be produced. Not only because of its old and tested process, but also because of the varying taste it provides the common man. Below you can find some of the more common and popular champagne brands currently being produced in no particular order.

Dom Perignon Champagne

Most intellectuals and high society folks recognize Dom Perignon, not because it is the most well known champagne brand available in the market, but because he is the individual related to the luxury champagne. According to the legend, the famous monk was the one who first made a very early variation of the sparkling wine, only to be developed further by future adopters. While this might not be true, Dom Perignon is mainly the one who made a lot of improvements to the process, as detailed above.

Champagne Cristal

This champagne brand is produced by Louis Roederer. It’s unique price point as well as the flat bottomed bottle has been its trademarks and is very popular as being very in demand.

Bollinger Champagne

Also known as the “James Bond” champagne, this particular champagne brand has been featured in over 11 different Bond films. It is also featured on the original books. Bollinger champagne characterizes the very unique traits of James Bond as well as his traits.

Moët & Chandon Champagne

This champagne is the most expensive champagne among other champagne brands in the world. Moët & Chandon champagne was introduced by Moët & Company in early 1750s and can be described as the most popular men in history. People like Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington are only some of the names associated with the beverage. In today’s modern world, the appeal of the most expensive champagne brands is not lost, as reports are that even Queen Elizabeth is still enjoying the drink.