Aperol Spritz

Many of you will have heard the term apéritif in cocktail discussions. In Italy, the term is aperitivo, a word dating back to the 19th century. An aperitivo is a drink which is intended to precede a meal; the low alcohol content and dry flavour are designed to get your digestive system working prior to eating, to enhance your dining experience. Most aperitivos contain Campari, Prosecco, vermouth, or – in this case – Aperol.

This cocktail is best served before a meal as your guests arrive, as intended in its native land. Feel free to serve a small platter of nibbles with the Aperol Spritz, as is often done in Italy.

Aperol Spritz Champagne Cocktail Recipe
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  1. Ice cubes
  2. 50ml of Aperol
  3. 75ml of Prosecco (Italian sparkling)
  4. Soda water (to top up)
  5. 1 slice of orange
  1. Add Aperol to a large glass filled with ice, then add Prosecco
  2. Stir together and top up with soda water, then add orange.
For a larger quantity
  1. If making a jug, first determine how many glasses the jug will fill, then increase the quantities accordingly.
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