The Secret of Rose Champagne

The secrets of champagne probably escapes a lot of people, but for those who love the sparkling wine more than any other iteration of wine available out there.

Champagne by the bottle could probably fit right into any cuisine, occasion and special event known to man.

The versatility of champagne clearly makes it a winner by most standards, with its light and smooth texture and the fact that it carries class and sophistication in most circles. This makes the choice of champagne in any event a must.

However, let’s not forget that like most varieties of liquor, the sparkling wine does have a lot of different varieties.

One of the most famous of all the sparkling wine varieties out there is the pink champagne, most commonly known as the rose champagne.

What is Rose Champagne?

Rose champagne is a pink champagne which is distinguished by its slightly red color. The tint of red can vary from a deep hue of red to a very salmon pink hue, hence the term pink champagne.

This type of champagne is the same as a regular bottle of champagne, but this particular type of sparkling wine can also be produced, and is known to be popularly produced, by many wine makers outside of France.

Difference between Rose & Regular Champagne

Aside from the pink hue of the beverage, there is absolutely no difference between a regular bottle of champagne.

Process by which the pink champagne stays true to how regular champagne is made, with a very important step mixed in.

The secret behind the pink color of the sparkling wine is the addition of a small amount of red grapes to the batch of grapes to be used in the making of the sparkling wine.

Traditionally, a regular bottle of champagne is clear with no color or tint whatsoever, which makes it the premiere white wine that is used for most formal occasions and events and has earned a reputation for its class all over the world.

Aside from the versatility offered by the colorless beverage, the appeal mostly comes from the rich and smooth feel, as well as the bubbly appearance of the sparkling wine.

The addition of the pink sparkling wine is a very welcome change to most wine lovers, especially since the slight tint virtually changes nothing as far as the taste and the feel of the sparkling wine is concerned.

Methods of Making Rose Champagne

There are two known methods of creating a pink sparkling wine:

Method 1) Blending

This is the most popular method of creating the pink sparkling wine.

Producers simply ferment red grapes separately and white grapes in another batch, and then blend them to create the perfect bottle of champagne with a pink hue.

Traditionally speaking, it really doesn’t take too much red grape wine to create a pink sparkling wine, and it all really boils down to the appearance and preference.

Method 2) Rose de Sagniee

This is another known method, but do not let the name fool you: it is a lot less complicated than it sounds.

What this method entails allowing the red grape skins to be in contact with the fermented wine.

In a normal process, the fermented wine is not allowed to be in contact with the red grape skins for a long period, allowing the clear white appearance of the sparkling wine to be preserved.

In this method of creating the pink variety of the sparkling wine, the skins are allowed to sit for a bit longer, thereby acquiring the red tint of the skins.

What Food to Serve with Rose Champagne?

A sparkling wine is a sparkling wine, and there is not much difference between regular champagne and the pink champagne.

The main difference, other than the color of the sparkling wine is the aroma of the pink variety: it is always accompanied by a rich fruity scent, with the most popular ones offering rich raspberry and strawberry scents.

In addition, the feel of the pink sparkling wine can be a bit bigger and richer in the mouth.

This is not to say that the pink sparkling wine is a lot heavier than the ordinary champagne; on the contrary, rose champagne remains as versatile as the original clear sparkling wine that we all know and love.

Now the next question is, what types of food usually goes with the pink sparkling wine?

Well as previously said, the versatility of the clear variety of sparkling wine is conveniently carried over to the pink variety, allowing it in such occasions such as parties and events as well as high society gatherings.

One very important characteristic of a pink sparkling wine is its appeal and novelty – the pinkish hue allows it to be the perfect choice for romantic dates and helps greatly in the conveying of sexiness in the atmosphere.

This means that the pink sparkling wine is perfect for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

In addition, some view the pink hue of the sparkling wine adds to its exotic appeal, which will then perfectly accompany such exotic cuisine such as Asian spicy foods such as Indian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

That is of course, not to say that rose champagne can also be used in most Western meals, especially the more sophisticated ones like French and Italian cooking.

Spicy varieties of food also make the pink sparkling wine a natural selection.

What Champagne brands produce the best Rose Champagne?

When it comes to the brands of sparkling wine, there are many choices the average individual can choose from and that holds true for the pink sparkling wine variety.

Bollinger is always a very natural entry-level choice, with their brand selection of fine sparkling wine that is both clear and of the rose variety not only appealing but also very affordable and reasonable.

Brut is a very well known brand of champagne that specializes in making one of the finest tasting brands of champagne in the market.

Perrier-Jouet is not only the producers of one of the most expensive champagne varieties, but they also produce one of the stylistic packing available in the market.

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