Dom Perignon – The Taste of Luxury

Dom Perignon is the Prestige Champagne produced by Moét & Chandon. As part of the LVHM, a coalition of luxury brands unlike any other, Dom Perignon champagne has...
Joseph Grut

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Green Grass Champagne Cocktail

The great chefs will tell you that before we taste with our mouths, we taste with our eyes. Presentation is the key in all...
Genevieve Gallo
34 sec read

Poinsettia Mimosas

The Poinsettia Mimosa is an elegant champagne cocktail so named for it's color - the bright, bold, rich red of the poinsettia flower. The...
Genevieve Gallo
30 sec read

Pineapple Coconut Champagne Cocktail

This pleasant mix of pineapple and coconut has a great tropical, summer vibe; the tangy pineapple is just like the splash of the waves...
Genevieve Gallo
52 sec read

Mustique Champagne Cocktail

The Mustique Cocktail, which shares it's name with the tiny private island in the Caribbean, offers a true taste of paradise in a glass....
Genevieve Gallo
36 sec read

Pomegranate and Clementine Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranate and Clementine Champagne cocktails are visually beautiful. The soft, red hue is complemented perfectly by the pomegranate seeds, which float lusciously in the...
Genevieve Gallo
38 sec read