Styles & Varieties of Champagne Glasses

champagne glasses

Champagne is a type of white wine that many of us enjoy. It is one of the top beverages of choice for numerous occasions such as a wedding reception or even a New Year’s Eve party. When deciding to serve this drink, the type of champagne glass that is used is a very important factor. This will determine how much pleasure your guests will get from their drink.

While shopping for the perfect champagne glasses, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the shape of the glass; researchers have discovered that the shape of the champagne glass will typically influence how much satisfaction your guests will gain from it. It doesn’t really matter if you are serving a simple champagne cocktail, or the finest french champagne; the shape of the glass that you decide to purchase should definitely be taken into consideration.

Types of Champagne Glasses

As a rule, there are three types of champagne glasses to choose from. They are: champagne flutes, champagne coupes and champagne tulips.

Champagne Flutes

champagne flutesChampagne flutes are a tall yet narrow glass that has a medium to long stem. Many of them have a point at the bottom of the glass as well. This will cause a congregation of the carbonated bubbles. The bubbles will then rise to the top of the glass. This will not only aid in capturing the flavor and aroma, but also provides for a nicer appearance as well. In our modern times, champagne flutes most popular champagne steamware in restaurants.

Champagne Coupes (Saucers)

champagne coupesChampagne coupes or otherwise known as the champagne saucers have a wide rim and a short stem. It is also a fairly shallow glass. These are the oldest type of champagne glasses and were very popular in the early 20th century, but have since been surpassed by the flute glass. Many wine connoisseurs say that the champagne coupes do not work especially well because they enable the aroma and carbonation to escape too easily.

Champagne Tulips

champagne tulipsLastly, champagne tulips are very similar to the flute glasses, but features an inward curved rim. This type of glass also includes a wider bowl. Some connoisseurs recommend champagne tulips when consuming many of the finer french champagnes. This is because the wider base will allow the flavors to be captured and therefore, preserves the taste.